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One solution 

Ahrend worked alongside the Valeo project team during nine months and provided all the furniture for the seven-floor building.
Our company was entrusted with furnishing the work stations, meeting rooms and lounge areas as well as the Working Café and restaurant (informal meeting places for staff). 

Valeo   landscapem
Valeo   landscapem

A perfect harmony  

Fabienne Pommier, project manager at Ahrend, invited the Valeo project team to visit the Ahrend showroom in Meudon. "The atmosphere and design of the products Valeo discovered were perfectly in keeping with the spirit and concept sought for the Valeo Mobility Tech Center. Valeo wanted a homogenous and consistent result throughout the building. The way the Ahrend proposal respected the initial architectural concept was decisive as well as the choice of furniture and colours proposed. 
The result is perfectly in keeping with the warm and colourful environment sought by the architect and client. 

‘"We were won over by the quality and aesthetics of the Ahrend furniture"’
Jean-Luc Larrivé Real Estate Project Manager, Valeo

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Valeo   landscapem
Valeo   landscapem
Valeo   landscapem
Valeo   landscapem
Valeo   portraiti
Valeo   landscapem

A dynamic work environment

Design and colour were certainly major considerations. But above all Valeo wanted to create a hybrid and dynamic work environment. Fabienne Pommier : "Dynamic work spaces help people to connect, improve staff well-being, increase productivity and encourage diversity. Using a variety of furniture elements, with their accessories, also supports different forms of work. Ahrend therefore designed spaces where staff can concentrate on a specific task. It is reassuring to know that with our layout and furniture we are contributing to the success and well-being of Valeo staff and visitors."   

Valeo on Ahrend

"The collaboration with Ahrend gave us complete satisfaction. In the showroom it was the quality and aesthetics of the products that really won us over. We were efficiently guided throughout the project. The extremely professional upstream advice and the installation process itself made a major contribution to the project's success. The staff are happy in this convivial new work environment and our visitors often compliment us on the new building and its spaces, both interior and exterior."   

Jean-Luc Larrivé, Real Estate Project Manager, Valeo

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