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3 steps to responsible home workspaces

Organisations and employees have individual requirements when it comes to a good (home) workspace. For that reason, we take stock of the needs with HR. We liaise with the purchasing department to discuss financing options – whether purchase, hire or lease. We talk to facility services to arrange ordering, delivery and returns. We do all the groundwork for you. Then we finish the job in 3 steps. Only during the first step we do require a little of your time. Then you simply leave it up to us.

‘The quick and simple route to good home workspaces for your organisation and employees, guaranteed.’

How does it work?

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Step 1 Pick the assortment

Talk to our account manager and pick the overall home-working assortment, including materials and colours.

Step 2 Set up the ordering process

From the overall home-working assortment, your employees choose a home workspace to suit the job and their home interior. We can even set up a custom webshop for this purpose - making it easy for every employee to place a personal order.
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Step 3 Deliver the home workspace

Ahrend delivers the workspace to your employee's door. We give immediate advice on set-up and adjustment.

We give you a detailed monthly overview of the orders and a collective invoice. We handle all your concerns about home workspaces and keep the paperwork to a minimum.

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    Ahrend offers support with:
  • Establishing a home-working policy
  • Custom home-working assortment
  • Simple (online) ordering process
  • Delivery, set-up and adjustment of the workspace at employee's home
  • Administration of loan agreements
  • Financing of home workspaces
  • Service and maintenance
  • Returns on leaving service
  • Employee takeovers
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Experience from our client

Facilitate home workstations for all employees; that was the challenge for our customer Project managers Daan Meijer and Kasper van Meerendonk talk about their experience with Ahrend.

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Financing options

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    Purchase is the best option if you wish to own an ergonomic workspace. Return options are also available when you purchase through Ahrend.

    Find out more about purchase
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    Would you like to give employees a good home workspace as soon as possible, but don't want to be saddled with it when the situation changes? Stay flexible and hire a fully ergonomic home workspace. You can always scale up or down when your furniture requirements change.

    Find out more about hire
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    With our 'Furniture as a Service' leasing option, you lease a fully ergonomic home workspace for a fixed monthly sum. Ahrend owns the furniture, you pay for the usage. You keep your flexibility; we add furniture or take it away, as the situation requires.

    Find out more about lease


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Are you interested in our home workspace solutions for employees? Complete the contact form or call +31 (0)88-0061500. We are happy to help you.

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