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Good employership

"Good employership has always been of paramount importance at, especially in times like these. A good home workstation is an essential part of that. It is hard to imagine what the future office will look like at the moment, but for the time being we expect homeworking to account for a sizeable chunk of the working week. As such, we think it’s important that employees should have an ergonomic home workstation." 

Balance, Zinn Smart   landscapexl
Balance, Zinn Smart   landscapexl

On loan, just like a laptop

"Every employee gets a workstation on loan from, just as they would a phone or a laptop. Some organisations allow a budget which their employees are free to spend, but in the end there is no guarantee that what they buy is ergonomic. Our loan scheme gives us the certainty that every employee has a health and safety compliant home workstation." 

Custom web shop

"We chose Ahrend for their personalised web shop and asset management tool; these were far better developed than the ones we saw offered by other providers. The web shop is truly user-friendly, and it couldn't be easier for employees to order their workstations. The same online platform is used to return a workstation if an employee leaves the company, for example. The asset management tool lets us track who is holding what furniture in real time. In this way we can see what's going on without doing the paperwork ourselves."

Balance, Zinn Smart   landscapexl
Balance, Zinn Smart   landscapexl

Inspiring colleagues

"We shot four Ahrend-furnished home office spaces in our own photo studio. This was a great way to inspire our colleagues. The photos were relayed through the internal communication channels when the scheme was announced and we sent information flyers out to the workers' homes. 

When the portal went live, things happened fast. In two days, almost half of our people ordered workstations. The response was instant and extremely positive: the web shop was found to be highly intuitive. Other colleagues were "impressed to see the order handled so quickly".   

- Kasper van Meerendonk, Workplace Specialist at

- Daan Meijer, Compensation & Benefits Specialist at