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From linear to circular economy

Did you know that 90% of the unused furniture in Europe is burned or ends up on the waste mountain? Not only is this a waste of existing furniture, but new products are also produced unnecessarily. By redeploying materials and products, we cut CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent per year. So why not make the producer responsible for the entire furniture life cycle?


Sharing platform

With Furniture as a Service we create a sharing platform on which we exchange furniture based on supply and demand between organisations. Look at it as if it was marketplace for furniture, on which you can return used products as a customer. We refurbish your old furniture and re-use with another customer. So we prevent waste products and materials and contribute to achieving CO2 objectives.

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‘By definition, the design of long lasting furniture delivered via a circular business model will create advantages and benefits to business, customers, and society more broadly.’
Ellen MacArthur Foundation
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Financial flexibility

Furniture as a Service is a subscription in the form of an operational lease. Which means Ahrend remains the owner of the furniture and you only pay for the period you use the product. So you keep your working capital available for your core activity and never pay too much because you only pay what you are using.

Buy vs Furniture as a Service

Let's say you're considering purchasing a new working environment with a total investment value of € 45,000. We compare the total cost of the furniture between buying and Furniture as a Service with a duration of 60 months. Because we count with residual values, your new working environment is the most Financially advantageous with Furniture as a Service.

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Premium services

We visit our clients every two years to check your products functionally and aesthetics. In the meantime, what if something breaks? You can easily register a service request via the QR code on the product sticker. We will then be able to repair this free of charge, because the warranty applies during the full term of your contract. Asset management is a standard part of Furniture as a Service. With this tool you can easily get an overview and quickly pass on changes to the customer portal.

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Dynamic working environment

Your business can grow, your staff can change, activities can develop and big projects can begin. This has an effect on your occupancy rate and how the office is used. Are you ready for these changes? Furniture as a Service allows you to return or add products monthly. This allows you to optimise the occupancy rate of the workplace and keeps your employees satisfied.

Optimize monthly

Furniture as a Service allows you to return or add products monthly. This way you optimize the occupancy rate of the workplaces and keep your employees satisfied.
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    General Terms and Conditions

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    Case study | Bringing office furniture full circle

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