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In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing and global society, we sometimes lose track of what is best for our employees. Especially now that the workplace is continuously evolving, a workplace expert and partner will help you keep perspective. Someone who thinks along with you on the new hybrid working community and ways to respond adequately to sudden changes.

Our workplace design experts will help you make your employees feel empowered, happy and healthy in the new workplace reality. The design philosophy we embrace is based on three pillars;

  • providing sustainable products and services.
  • improving employee well-being.
  • creating a positive employee experience.

As a partner we enable you to keep focus on your main projects, maintaining momentum and staying one step ahead of the competition when it comes to the ‘war for talent’.

Our products

International capabilities

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Benefit from our direct business model

Our direct business model makes us the only international supplier to interact directly with end users globally. Keeping short lines of communication with our clients through a single point of contact contributes to fostering a more personal, meaningful and fruitful relationship. Combined with consistent global pricing, this makes us the premier one-stop shop supplier for international customers.

Global supply chain

In addition, our comprehensive global supply chain, international services network and extensive third-party range enable us to provide you with tailormade work environments and services around the world. And we do so while reducing costs and lead-times by utilising our own regional production facilities and managing your carbon footprint at the same time.

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Your workspace experience

It goes without saying that you strive to offer your employees the best work experience across your locations around the world. Together we will translate your corporate identity, culture and work process into a hybrid workplace vision that can benefit your company on a global scale. A working environment that offers employees all the space they need to perform at their best. Establishing such a universal experience for all your employees is realised through our global furnishing solutions, even for those who are working from home.

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    Advice on circular design

    There are more possibilities for a circular design of your organisation than you might think.

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    What does our future work environment look like?

    A Hybrid Working Community

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    Client cases

    We create high-quality furniture for offices around the globe. From big corporate to non-profit and from SMEs to internationals.

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