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Sustainable to the core of our company

We do this with the best, most sustainable products, manufactured at our own production sites. We manufacture at these sites with minimum environmental impact and maximum focus on our employees. We’re proud of the sustainable achievements we’ve already attained and we’re keen to show that. As a transparent and social enterprise, we regularly open the doors to our main manufacturing site in Sint-Oedenrode to demonstrate how sustainability looks in practice at Ahrend.

Royal Ahrend healthcare project exterior view of Oogcentrum Noordholland in Heerhugowaard SB200607

Ambitions for the future

As a pioneer in our industry, we are constantly setting ourselves increasingly ambitious objectives to do as little as possible to harm the planet. How we aim to do this is set out in our Corporate Social Responsibility programme 2025.

For 125 years we’ve been designing timeless products that will last a lifetime.
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Sustainable design

We are all about sustainable products, inspired by Friso Kramer and designed according to his philosophy of “less is more" – the art of omission – and as such we are an obvious fit for the circular economy. For 125 years we’ve been designing timeless products that will last a lifetime. We design our products according to sustainable and circular design principles, and we offer services to ensure that our products remain in use for as long as possible.

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Closing the loop

Our products are always modular and we use only the best materials. From initial sketches to the end of our products’ lifespan, we take the life cycle into account. This is why we offer services to maximise the lifespan of our products. These include Furniture as a Service, revitalising and maintenance.

Cooperating for a circular economy

At Ahrend we contribute to the circular economy. We consider this to be of immense importance, but our enthusiastic employees are the ones who make the difference by constantly designing better and smarter products. However, we do realise that we can’t do everything ourselves, so we work together in our value chain with partners, suppliers and our clients. That’s how we can really make a difference!
Fabriek / Factory Sint Oedenrode   landscapem
Fabriek / Factory Sint Oedenrode   landscapem

Diversity and inclusivity

It’s important to us at Ahrend that all our employees feel happy and vital in their work, and we want to encourage them to learn and feel valued within our company. And this is exactly why we invest in diversity and inclusivity as a business. There’s a place for everyone in our company. As a social enterprise, we care about equal opportunities and put our money where our mouth is when it comes to invigorating workplaces. And there is more to that than just working in a healthy and ergonomic way.  

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Learn more on our achievements in 2022

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