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How it all began

It all started for Ahrend in 1896, with the typically Dutch entrepreneurial spirit of Jacobus Ahrend. Today, we are continuing to build on a unique history, enabling us to see past the issues of the day and shape the future of work. Discover the rich history, the remarkable projects and the legendary designs that have been created by Ahrend over the years.

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Vitalising workspaces

The working environments that we create today are vitalising in every sense. They promote wellbeing, facilitate diversity, create a sense of belongingness and increase productivity. Our products are not just natural in use and appearance but also aligned with our clients’ current needs. We provide them with the flexibility and full service to optimally use their available space.

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‘We believe that vitalising workspaces attract talent, increase employee experience and are therefore key to the success of organisations.’
Rolf Verspuij CEO

Global Service

Our global supply chain, international services network and extensive furniture collection enable us to provide you with tailormade work environments and services around the world. With offices and production locations in 25 countries we we have long time experience in accomodating international projects. We interact directly with end users globally, keeping short lines of communication through a single point.

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In 25 countries


We exist for more than 125 years


Ahrend, Gispen, Techo & Presikhaaf

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"Less is more" to us implies sustainable. A functional and vitalising design perfectly in sync with its environment logically results in less waste, in innovative ways to reuse materials and in smarter use of our natural resources. Because we have our own production facilities, we do not just generate ideas but actually put them into practice.

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Employee stories

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    Bob Stamhuis | Manager Circular Hub

    In the Circular Hub in Veghel, we give used furniture a second life. In this way, we extend the lifespan of furniture and contribute to the circular economy. Bob Stamhuis, manager of the Ciruclaire Hub, and his team have already revitalised more than 100,000 pieces of furniture. Not only at work, but also at home, he is committed to fighting waste.

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  • Colour portrait of Arnoud Vlieger

    Arnoud Vlieger | Head of Product Development

    From an early age on, it was in his South American blood: becoming a Product Developer. Arnoud Vlieger joined Ahrend in 2016. From department manager product development chairs to his current role as Head Of Product Development, he always brings his cultural values passion and collectivism to the workplace.

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  • Colour portrait of Stephanie de Brauw

    Stephanie de Brauw | Studio Manager

    Reinventing yourself to be future-proof! That is what working at Ahrend is like, according to Stephanie de Brauw. In her dual role as Manager Studio & Intermediaries, she is responsible for all interior designers and architects, and for contact and proactive partnership with intermediaries.

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