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Optimal life-cycle management

Good management of furniture starts with inventory. An Asset Management System is an essential tool when managing and maintaining furniture. To make the most effective inventory possible, we identify your furniture by individual items. Scan your furniture with the RFID hand scanner and get detailed product information about the status and value of furniture.  It is immediately clear which asset is involved and whether preventive maintenance is necessary. Is there any damage? You can easily report this via the QR code on the product, therefore, optimising life-cycle management.

‘Understanding assets is essential for a circular work environment. Circularity aims to maximise reusable furniture and raw materials and minimise value destruction.’
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Full overview in one app

Move your furniture without losing essential information. We identify your furniture with a unique QR code and RFID tag, which are linked to the Asset Management System. You have real-time insight into the status of your furniture, the system allows you to efficiently manage and maintain your furniture too. When moving internally or relocating furniture, overhead costs can be charged internally.  Ordering or ordering similar product scan be daunting , but with uniquely identified products, re-ordering or ordering similar products is very simple. Our Asset Management System is available as a separate system, but also integrated into your current FMIS.

NEW: Asset Management App

NEW: With the Asset Management App mobile, you can manage your work environment even faster and easier. In the app, you can effortlessly change the product or location information for multiple items at the same time, or create service notifications. Use in combination with the RFID hand scanner and save so much time!

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