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Royal Ahrend designs furniture and provides customized services for offices and learning and healthcare environments with a portfolio of three furniture brands: Ahrend, Gispen and Techo. Each of these brands is a leader in its own market and some can look back on a heritage of more than a century.

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For 125 years, Ahrend has been building on a strong legacy that inspires to truly shape the future of work. Ahrend continuously innovates in the design process to create functional and sustainable solutions that strengthen the health, well-being and performance of the customer's most important asset: the employees.

Ahrend strives for the highest quality and sustainability. The products are designed according to the principles of circular design and with additional services we ensure that the products remain in use for as long as possible.


Gispen offers sustainable and inspiring design for work, care and learning environments. For more than 100 years, Gispen has been creating surprising, sustainable and high-quality interiors that focus on people and which organizations can use for years to come.

Gispen consciously opts for circular design, production and entrepreneurship. 'Sustainable Design' is what the brand stands for.

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The Techo brand stands for clever, modular products that offer comfort and convenience and support the user in achieving his goals. For every situation there is a design that meets the needs of the customer. Due to the accessible appearance, the furniture fits into any environment. From office to home workplace, from lobby to retail space.

Techo furniture works everywhere.

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