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The importance of a vitalising working environment

In a world where people work an average of 90,000 hours in their lives, a working environment that promotes vitality is a must for organisations. A vitalising working environment is energising, comfortable, sustainable, ergonomic and functional, promotes encounters, fosters connections and makes employees proud. This contributes to the success of organisations and a positive work culture. 

A vitalising working environment provides many benefits: healthy employees and lower absenteeism, better performance and higher productivity, good work-life balance and engagement, the attracting and retaining of talent. 

These aspects are important:

  • The well-being of employees
  • Contributing to sustainability goals
  • Diversity and flexibility
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Three important aspects

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    The well-being of employees

    Here you can read the important building blocks for a vitalising working environment that promotes well-being.

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    Sustainable goals

    Here you can read the important building blocks for a vitalising working environment that contributes to sustainable objectives.

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    Diversity and flexibility

    Here you can read the important building blocks for a vitalising working environment that facilitates diversity and flexibility.

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What does a vitalising working environment look like in practice?

How people prefer to do their work varies from organisation to organisation, from person to person, from task to task and from moment to moment. To create a customised design that fits the needs and culture of an organisation and the needs of its employees, we developed a Vitalising Zone model. Here you can read how to use this model to create a vitalising working environment.

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A vitalising working environment in five steps

A vitalising working environment is essential if employees are to work happily, healthily and productively. But how do you create a vitalising working environment that meets the specific needs of your organisation? That requires customisation and expertise. Our Studio is ready to engage in the challenges faced by your organisation and help you find appropriate solutions. We complete your new office environment in 5 steps.

Download the whitepaper

Want to know more about Vitalising Workspaces?

Download the whitepaper here:

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