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Vitalising themes

  • HumanTotalCare   headerxxl


    Vital and inspiring working environments make employees happier, healthier and more effective. Read here how to create such an environment.

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  • Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 41A

    Circular economy

    For 30 years we have been the frontrunner when it comes to sustainability and circularity. We go through four steps in the production process.

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  • Concentration Corner Duo Desk, Well   headerxxl


    In an environment with the right acoustics, we feel more vital and work more effectively. You create a workplace like that.

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  • Royal Ahrend office project Stedin in Delft 02


    The right ergonomics in your work environment can contribute to the mental and physical health of employees.

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  • Ahrend Inspiration Centre   headerxxl

    Biophilic design

    An office with a biophilic design elements, will have a positive impact on the employees experience with less stress and happier and more productive employees.

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  • Loungescape, Mevr Monroe   headerxxl

    Employee experience

    How do you make sure that employees are happy to go to the office every day? An optimal employee experience is the answer!

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