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Connection to nature

Biophilic design is increasingly being used to enhance the benefits of a connection with nature. While biophilic design is a relatively unknown concept, scientists have long agreed: the need for a connection to nature is deeply rooted in our genes and has a direct influence on our physical and mental health. There are several elements that you can add to your workplace to create a healthier environment.

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‘In Europe, on average, we spend 90% of our time inside building.’
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Green experience

An open working environment enhances communication and houses more employees. With plants, you divide visually attractive spaces in different zones, creating security. But plants bring many other advantages: they improve air quality, provide a pleasant smell and dampen sound. The sight of nature and greenery significantly promotes your productivity and well-being!

Privacy and security

By nature, we need security: we feel comfortable when we can be in our environment, without being seen by others. A good décor has a natural structure, with open spaces to discover and meet in and safe areas with privacy, where you can relax mentally and physically. This reduces distractions and increases your concentration level.
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Colours and texture

Every company and every human has an individual identity. However, we all have the same associations with colours, materials and texture. For example, the colour blue brings tranquility into an environment, while orange feels warm and welcoming and green is calming and reassuring. Research shows that the use of natural materials, such as wood, increases the feeling of comfort and lowers blood pressure.

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Natural circadian rhythm

Natural daylight varies throughout the day from warm light to intensely clear. This cycle regulates the production of the hormone melatonin. When it gets dark, we make melatonin so we become sleepy. When the light comes up, production decreases, leaving us awake.

When designing a healthy working environment, we try to ensure that sufficient sunlight enters the workplace. But what if there is no option to position the desk directly by a window? Then you can integrate circadian lighting. The daylight lamps follow the natural light intensity and colour of natural light. This makes you feel more comfortable, reduces your stress levels and improves your sleep.
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