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Body load

Many of us spend far too long stationary: at the breakfast table, in the car or on public transport to work, or sitting around at lunch; because this tires us out, we then sit at home slouched on the couch in the evening. Even in the workplace itself we sit far too much and move far too little. All this sitting has a really bad impact on our bodies. In many cases, it is also the reason for back, neck and arm complaints such as RSI, repeated overload.

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Get up

Our main ergonomic advice is alternating between sitting and standing. This improves blood flow. You feel more energetic, are more focused and your creativity is increased. It has even been shown that if you move more, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer decreases!

The right workplace

With our Balance Lift you can alternate between sitting and standing in an instant. This latest innovation in the field of sit-stand workplaces has a patented gas lift system. This allows you to move the blade up and down in one movement, quickly and silently. Stand for at least a few minutes every 30 minutes. Or read during a microbreaks: go get a drink or briefly stretch your muscles.
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‘Alternating between sitting and standing is the new standard in the workplace.’
NPR and European standards

If you're sitting, you should sit down.

When you sit, make sure you support your body well with a perfectly adjusted office chair. Set your seat height so that your legs are at a 90 to 100 degree angle. Your thighs are horizontal. Make sure there is a little space between your knee cavity and the front of the seat. For optimal support, set the lumbar support “so that you position it in the curve or your spine. Your armrests put you at a height so that your shoulders can relax and your arms are at a 90-degree angle. Lower your worktop slightly lower than the armrests. Finally, the top edge of your computer screen must be at eye level.

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Workplace Nudging

Do you and your colleagues find it difficult to work ergonomically? Fortunately, you can learn a lot! Workplace Nudging is the asset. By offering small incentives, you stimulate different behaviour in a positive way and from an intrinsic motivation. This makes behavioural change easier and more fun!


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