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Acoustics in the workplace

In the office we are surrounded by sound everywhere and at all times. This makes us more distracted and stressed than ever. Research shows that only 28% of employees are satisfied with acoustics in an open working environment (Leesman Index, 2014). In a room with little acoustic comfort, productivity also decreases by 66% and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, higher blood pressure and stress.

Poor acoustics is the second most common complaint that workers have about their working environment. Acoustics that we experience as unpleasant often go hand in hand with speech intelligibility of others. Their sound disturbs us because it's irrelevant. Distracting sound doesn’t necessarily have to be loud. Once you're distracted by a conversation between colleagues, this can be disturbing.
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‘If the acoustics fit with the activities in a space, there is acoustic comfort.’

Acoustic overall picture

In an environment with good acoustic comfort, we work more effectively and feel more full of life and energy. With less stress, there are fewer errors and less absenteeism. Pleasant acoustics starts with good décor. That's why we always look at the overall picture, taking into account the personal needs of the employees.

In any room, sound can be absorbed, shielded, weakened or masked. The layout of a space, behaviour and experience also affect acoustic comfort. In the end, the solution is always a combination of different measures.

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Zones and barriers

We add physical acoustic barriers, in an open-plan office where there are various workplaces where you can meet, collaborate and co-create. This ensures that the sound cannot travel throughout the space. In open working environments we shield zones by placing panels or furniture of different heights. High-back sofas or concentration corners not only offer acoustic comfort, they also give the user a sense of security and privacy. By using acoustic foam and finishing with fabric, products absorb sound. We apply this in a wide range of screens that can be placed loosely in space as well as against walls or ceilings.


With our Flexbox and Silence collection we offer the ideal solutions for calling, concentrating, meeting or informal chat. With these solutions, we keep the sound within space while with their transparency and excellent acoustic properties we contribute to the dynamics of a vibrant workplace.


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