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Retreat, Balance, Ease
Balance, 2020 Extra Verta, Retreat

A solution for every situation

The screens are free standing and touch the floor. They can be connected around workspaces or left to stand freely anywhere in the space. In other words, they provide suitable partitioning that allows employees to maintain proper distancing in any workspace.


The screens can also be positioned anywhere in the office environment to create flexible partitioning for a given space or situation. They are available with feet or castors. A matching whiteboard is also available. The screens can be combined to create an agile working environment in no time.
Balance, 2020 Extra Verta, Retreat
Retreat, Balance, Ahrend Clear


The screens can be connected and positioned around single, dual, 3-, 4- and 6-person workspaces in fixed configurations. They can be placed at the front and sides of workstations. They are suitable for use on sit-sit and sit-stand workstations. The screens are designed to allow adequate finger room to prevent accidents when making height adjustments.

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Employees are working from home more frequently, where focus is greater and productivity higher. For that reason, they are more in need of workstations that offer privacy. Ahrend Retreat screens provide this and offer a sense of belonging at the same time.

The lateral version of the screen creates privacy temporarily and can be clamped to the side of the desk. 

Retreat, Balance, Ease


The acoustic climate can be improved in an office environment by placing tall, upholstered Ahrend Retreat screens. Employees are better able to concentrate and are more productive.


The screens are made from almost fully-recycled chipboard. The screens are also available in the sustainable material Mica by Gabriel , which is made from 97% recycled post-consumer polyester.
Retreat, Balance, Aero, 2020 Verta, WELL
Retreat, Balance, Ease

Corporate identity

The many size, upholstery and colour options allow you to match the screens to your corporate identity. In other words, they will always reflect the look and feel of your office environment.


    The basics
  • Stand-alone screens
  • Acoustic solution
  • Flexible
  • Wide range
    The options
  • Cable guide between workstations
  • Fully upholstered (with filling) or with aluminium edge
  • Wide range of easy-to-clean fabrics and artificial leathers
  • Full range of Ahrend standard and trend lacquer colours available
Retreat, Balance, Aero, 2020 Work Verta, Ahrend Clear

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