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Kaigain, Well, Balance 4 poot, S50, Silence Call   headerxxl

Balance, S50   portraiti
Portal, S50, Link, Ease   landscapem


  • Creates visual privacy in the workplace
  • Height of the top screen 108 or 118 cm
  • Thickness 50 mm equipped with padding on both sides
  • Applicable to Ahrend 500, Team_Up, Four_Two, Portal, Balance and Mehes
  • Fully recyclable
  • Acoustic version with open-celled Flamex foam
  • Wide range of fabrics including Eventscreen, Twist Melange and Soul
  • Radius of 50 mm as Ahrend Loungescape on the corners
  • Optional stitching seams, piping or stitching
  • Metal painted frame
  • Integrated accessory rail for hooking on accessories including trays for paper or other accessories
Balance, 2020 Extra Verta, S50   squarem

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