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The most sustainable task chair yet

The Ahrend Remode, designed by Ben van Berkel of UNStudio, is an iconic task chair with sustainability at its core. The chair is fully modular, lightweight and made of circular materials, including plastic from the ocean. The Ahrend Remode stands out for its innovative design and extensive adjustment options. Whether you sit on it for five minutes or an entire working day, this chair offers comfort and ease of use. The Ahrend Remode combines sustainability, design and comfort in a beautiful and functional way, and is designed to be used for generations.

More about Ben van Berkel
  • The most sustainable office chair ever
  • Iconic design by Ben van Berkel, UNStudio
  • Low carbon footprint through efficient use of materials and lightweight design
  • Weight only 15 kg; around 30% lighter than the average office chair*
  • Fully modular for long lifespan; parts are easy to repair, replace and recycle
  • 54% by weight is recycled material*
  • 78% of the plastic used is recycled, and 62% of this comes from the ocean*
  • Netweave for seat and back is made of 80% post-consumer recycled polyester and is Cradle to Cradle® certified
  • 99% recyclable
  • Environmental Product Declaration available
  • Meets ergonomic standards NPR1813:2016 and EN1335:2020
  • *Applicable to Ahrend Remode EN-Type A finished in black
  • Four pre-configured versions - expandable with additional functionalities
  • A completely customisable variant - your personal chair
  • A limited Pink Edition available
  • Synchro-motion mechanism: with 1 setting or with fine adjustment
  • With fine adjustment, a tilting seat is possible
  • Seat depth is adjustable up to 70 mm, up to 100 mm or fixed
  • Seat with mesh cover in colour of chair or upholstered
  • Back rest: medium-high or high, with or without height-adjustable lumbar support, with mesh covering in colour of chair or with fabric cover
  • Upholstery: choose from a selection of standard fabrics and specially selected fabrics to match the colour of the chair
  • Armrests: 2D armrests that are adjustable in height and depth, 3D armrests that are adjustable in height, depth and width or 4D armrests that are also rotatable
  • Wheels or gliders: soft (open) wheels for all types of floors, hard wheels or glides for soft floors, soft felt gliders for hard floors
  • Three colours: black, light grey and pink

Designed to stand out

The Ahrend Remode is designed with sustainability and circular use as core principles. We looked at its environmental impact throughout its life cycle. From raw material production to use and reuse, down to what happens to the parts after they are no longer recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Extending its lifespan is ultimately the most sustainable way to use a product.

Weight has the greatest impact on a product's CO2 emissions. The Ahrend Remode is around 30% lighter than the average task chair, thanks to its smart, hollow structures and efficient use of materials. Its modular design makes it easy to repair, replace and recycle components. This is how we extend the lifespan of the chair as well as the materials used.

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The black version of the Ahrend Remode consists of 54% recycled materials. 78% of the plastic used is recycled, of which 62% comes from the ocean. Envalior, a renowned player in the plastics industry, makes the recycled plastic - Akulon® RePurposed - from fishing nets collected along India's coastline. In this way, we contribute to cleaner oceans and create a positive social impact.

Read more about this sustainable process
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Sustainability, comfort and style come together

The Ahrend Remode is a task chair with a positive impact on your work environment and the world around you. It is a chair for today and for tomorrow, designed by Ben van Berkel, Founder & Principal Architect of UNStudio. Famous for its iconic buildings and products that make a striking impact wherever they are. And that encourage connection with your environment and the people around you.

This iconic task chair perfectly combines sustainable design and comfort. Ben van Berkel has taken a new perspective on sitting and created a chair that improves your well-being, supports you in your daily work and adapts to changing working environments. The Ahrend Remode is the tangible embodiment of this vision.

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‘A chair is not a sitting machine, but an object that supports you. It should feel like a sneaker: comfortable and moulding to your body.’
Ben van Berkel – UNStudio

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Sitting at its best

As a leader in vitalising work environments, Ahrend has developed - with the Remode - a task chair that invigorates. The chair is designed with comfort and ease of operation in mind. It features a synchro-motion mechanism, ensuring that the seat and back of the Ahrend Remode glide in unison. This promotes an active posture, even when leaning back. You can personalise all functions according to preferences. The controls are easy to reach from the sitting position. With its ergonomic design and the selected materials, the Remode feels like a sneaker that moulds to your body.

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Explore the range

The Ahrend Remode has a modular construction. This makes the chair sustainable and enables you to configure it to your wishes. From a black model that blends stylishly into the open working environment to a striking pink one for your home office. There are four preconfigured versions that meet ergonomic standards. You can also choose a fully customisable chair as well as the limited edition Pink Edition. In the brochure (under downloads on this page) you will find more information about the different models, options, colours and materials.

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