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Movement mechanisms

The Ahrend Ease office chair comes in two versions of the movement mechanism: the synchro-movement mechanism with forward seat inclination for personal adjustment the autofit movement mechanism with fine adjustment: a practical solution when several people share the same office chair

Synchro-movement mechanism

The synchro-movement mechanism uses two operating levers beneath the seat. The left-hand lever releases the movement mechanism and the forward seat inclination. This encourages you to move while you are in the seated position. The right-hand lever is used to adjust the height and counter-pressure. The forward seat inclination produces an active, desk-oriented working posture that provides optimum support for the back. In active sit the seat is inclined, as a result of which you automatically assume the correct sitting posture.
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Autofit movement mechanism

The autofit movement mechanism uses one lever beneath the seat. It is used to adjust the height and release the movement mechanism. The counter-pressure adjusts automatically to your weight. The fine adjustment allows further optimisation of the settings.


Armrests are essential to your comfort. They support your arms, and in doing so they relieve the strain from your shoulder and neck muscles. They help you to go home feeling relaxed at the end of a busy working day.

    The Ahrend Ease gives you the choice of 3 types:
  • 4D arm rests - compliant with NEN EN 1335 Width, depth and height adjustable and 360° rotatable.
  • 4D arm rests compliant with NPR 1813 Width, depth and height adjustable and 360° rotatable. With a width setting of 36 to 51 cm between arm rests.
  • XD arm rests -exceeding NPR 1813 These arm rests are more adjustable than the 4D-arm rests, and move intuitively in every direction. Width setting of 31 to 54 cm between the arm rests, making them suitable for all body widths. These arm rests can easily be adjusted a long way forwards or backwards. This produces a relaxed, backward-leaning work posture, which provides good support.

Support and comfort

The flexible, moving netweave back support is a good fit for the back and distributes the pressure evenly. The fabric consists of black netweave, and the aluminium back adapter is grey gloss lacquered.

The Ahrend Ease has a height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support to provide optimum support for the back. The depth can be adjusted to six settings using the twist knobs.

The upholstered seat has a 10 cm adjustable depth range. The seat slides under the lumbar support to prevent an opening between the seat and back.


The Ahrend Ease is made from modular components which are easily replaceable.

For example, arm rests and upholstered parts are simple to renew, thus extending the life of the chair. No screws, staples or glue are used in constructing the back: it can be disassembled without tools. The back adapter is made from aluminium, which is fully recyclable.

Read more about sustainability
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    The basics
  • Synchronous or autofit movement mechanism
  • With or without arm rests
  • Choice of three arm rests: 4D compliant with NEN EN 1335, 4D compliant with NPR 1813 and XD exceeds NPR 1813
  • Moving back support in black netweave fabric
  • Height- and depth adjustable lumbar support
  • Upholstered seat, 10 cm depth adjustment
    The options
  • Five-star base in black plastic or polished aluminium
  • Five-star base with hard or soft castors
  • Extra high counter gas lift and foot ring
  • Wide choice of upholstery from the standard Ahrend range
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