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Ahrend Remode office chairs in grey in different configurations with trees in background header front left side and rear view

The most sustainable task chair yet

The Ahrend Remode consists of 54% recycled materials. 78% of the plastic is recycled, and of this 62% comes from the ocean.* The netweave for the seat and backrest is made of 80% post-consumer recycled polyester that is Cradle to Cradle® certified. The materials are 99% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. The sustainable material choices as well as the lightweight design result in lower CO2 emissions.

 *Applicable to the Ahrend Remode EN-Type A in black

Ahrend's design process

The Ahrend Remode was the result of an intensive development process. A team of engineers led by Jeroen Beun, in collaboration with UNStudio's design team, laid out the groundwork in 2020. Each engineer focused on one or more modules: base, synchro-motion mechanism, seat, armrests and backrest. Jeroen took charge of the motion mechanism: the core of the chair where all the controls converge.

Remode Black Moodboard   landscapem

Working with Envalior

A special feature of the design is that almost all parts are plastic. The backrest, seat, cross-base, armrests and even the synchro-motion mechanism. The weight adjustment mechanism is quite complex and has not yet been implemented in plastic very often Ahrend was looking for a supplier that could supply the appropriate, high-quality material: a strong, recycled, and recyclable plastic. Envalior - formerly DSM Engineering Materials - proved to be the right partner for the job. 

‘Working with Ahrend is very smooth - it's as though we were colleagues. We worked very hard on this together and experienced the usual highs and lows. I’m proud of the fact that it worked out!’
Dannie van Osch Business Development Manager at Envalior

Plastic from recycled fishing nets

Dannie van Osch, business development manager at Envalior, took up the challenge with experts at his company. And proposed Akulon RePurposed recycled polyamide for the Remode. This plastic is made from fishing nets taken from the ocean off India. The material is mechanically recycled, processed into granules and coloured black. This results in a plastic that is light and strong and even suitable for such critical parts as the motion mechanism. Before the engineers actually deployed the plastic, it was extensively tested and continually improved.

Ahrend Remode chair flatlay of components top view

Plastic on the move

The fact that the Ahrend Remode consists to such a large extent of Akulon RePurposed - 10 out of the total 15 kg - while meeting key international standards, makes it unique. And the fact that the motion mechanism has also successfully been made of plastic is even more remarkable. Jeroen: The motion mechanism is usually a box. In the case of the Ahrend Remode, this is an open mechanism that also looks nice with its design look.'

‘Akulon RePurposed is the gamechanger in the industry. Not just for furniture, but for other products too. That the core of the Ahrend Remode would be made of this is not something I would have dreamed of three years ago.’
Dannie van Osch Business Development Manager at Envalior

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