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Amsterdam, 19 February 2020 – PSO Netherlands has awarded Royal Ahrend the PSO 30+ certificate; the highest attainable certification in the field of social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. With this Royal Ahrend is the first large industrial organization to obtain this certificate and is therefore unique in the sector for project design. The PSO measures the extent to which organizations offer employment to vulnerable groups on the labour market.

This means that more than 30% of the total workforce of subsidiaries Ahrend Netherlands, Gispen Netherlands, and Presikhaaf Schoolmeubelen consists of employees who are at a distance from the labour market. Appropriate work and guidance is offered to them. On Wednesday, March 11, John Berends, King's Commissioner in Gelderland, officially issues the PSO30 + certificate to Royal Ahrend. The presentation will take place at Royal Ahrend’s production location in Arnhem

A diverse and inclusive organization

The aim of Royal Ahrend is to create vitalising workspaces around the world, with an eye for employee well-being and diversity of people in the workplace. Royal Ahrend also focuses on these spearheads in its own organization and thus meets the requirements of the PSO standards. This is done, for example, by offering employees who are at a distance from the labor market suitable work, supporting them in personal development and offering them good guidance in their work. For example, there is a buddy system where employees are assigned a mentor who is trained to do so, who guides them as a job coach. 

Werner Pistorius, production site employee Arnhem: “I am proud that with my limitations I can work at a regular employer and that they invest in me. For example, I have followed and successfully completed various courses and training courses in recent years. I would also like to continue to share my positive experiences and personal development with anyone who is interested in it.”

Jelle van der Kolk, HR Director Royal Ahrend: “There is room for everyone within Royal Ahrend. We believe that diversity in people, backgrounds and talents ensures innovation and better results, because everyone looks at a situation differently. Diversity and inclusiveness are therefore of paramount importance at Royal Ahrend. We are very proud that our companies in the Netherlands have achieved the PSO 30+ certification! A fantastic recognition for our efforts.”

What does it mean to achieve PSO 30+?

The PSO certificate is the national standard for social entrepreneurship. The PSO (Performance Ladder social entrepreneurship) makes the degree of social enterprise measurable and visible. It is a measuring instrument and quality mark of TNO. Its purpose is to increase the employment of people at a distance from the labour market with various types of employers: from SMEs to multinational. In addition, PSO encourages that their supervision is done in a qualitative and sustainable manner. Companies with this certificate also stimulate their suppliers to do business socially; a domino effect for social

Why PSO 30+?

Royal Ahrend takes its responsibility within society seriously. This is done by investing in minimizing the environmental impact, designing sustainable and circular products and working hard for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In addition, investors, customers and clients are increasingly asking for organizations with the PSO quality mark, because they consider the labour participation of vulnerable groups important and / or because they have set themselves the goal of climbing the PSO ladder. For public clients, the law makes it possible to reserve contracts for organizations of which at least 30% of the staff consists of people who are at a distance from the labour market. The PSO 30+ certificate makes this visible to clients.

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