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What is the minimum term of a Furniture as a Service contract?

The minimum term is 24 months. The offer includes prices from 24 to 120 months. You choose the term and can easily change the term during the contract.

Can all the Ahrend furniture be offered "as a service"?

Yes, for all the Ahrend furniture a Furniture as a service offer can be requested.

How does reordering work?

In your online environment, you can easily keep an overview of all your products and invoices. The same furniture can be ordered through this online environment, so that your working environment remains uniform.

When and how does the maintenance take place?

Our service technicians come by every 24 months to perform preventive maintenance. This enables us to guarantee the condition and functionality of all our products and double the life span. If something breaks, you can make a service notification and we will come to repair it.

How do I report a service request if a product doesn't work properly?

All our products are have a QR code and RFID chip. After scanning the code, you can easily request a service request. For example, we know all specifications and the location of the product to perform maintenance quickly and efficiently.

What happens in the case of loss or theft of furniture?

First we provide replacement furniture so that all employees can work. Insurance is included in our service.

How does it work if I want to send something back?

From 24 months onwards, furniture can be returned every month. In the online environment you can request to pick up the furniture. We then make the balance between the term in the contract and the actual term. 

Who owns the products during the term?

During the term Ahrend remains the full owner of all furniture. You use the furniture and only pay for the usage period.

What happens to the furniture after the term of the contract?

Of course, the duration can be extended by a reduced rate. Don't you want to use the furniture anymore? We will collect the furniture, and refurbish it if necessary to provide a second life with another customer.

Why is Furniture as a Service financially attractive to me?

With Furniture as a Service you only pay for use. All hidden costs during the life cycle of the furniture - such as maintenance, storage and insurance - are included as standard. We also take into account the residual value on the furniture, which means you pay a lower monthly price.

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