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They also chose our work-from-home service:

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How does it work?

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Step 1 Pick the assortment

Talk to our account manager and pick the overall home-working assortment, including materials and colours.

Step 2 Set up the ordering process

From the overall home-working assortment, your employees choose a home workspace to suit the job and their home interior. We can even set up a custom webshop for this purpose - making it easy for every employee to place a personal order.
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Step 3 Deliver the home workspace

Ahrend delivers the workspace to your employee's door. We give immediate advice on set-up and adjustment.

We give you a detailed monthly overview of the orders and a collective invoice. We handle all your concerns about home workspaces and keep the paperwork to a minimum.

    Ahrend offers support with:
  • Establishing a home-working policy
  • Custom home-working assortment
  • Simple (online) ordering process
  • Delivery, set-up and adjustment of the workspace at employee's home
  • Administration of loan agreements
  • Financing of home workspaces
  • Service and maintenance
  • Returns on leaving service
  • Employee takeovers
‘The quick and simple route to good home workspaces for your organisation and employees, guaranteed.’