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Flexible Facilities

BDO is the fifth largest accountancy and consultancy organisation in the world. It is also the fifth largest in the Netherlands.
BDO Tilburg is the first office for the BDO South-east sites, and the first BDO office environment with a post-COVID vision of work, with more flexible facilities to support employees in activity-based and hybrid working. This has resulted in a ‘social hub’ for team building, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

BDO   landscapem
BDO   landscapem

Hybrid Working Community

The emphasis for BDO Tilburg’s innovative work environment is on encounters. For this office, we developed an inspiring work environment with a blend of meeting spaces and flexible touchdown and focus workstations.

Rolf Smeets, account manager at Ahrend: ‘For a few years now, our designers have been interested in workstations designed for concentration and flexible touchdown spaces. Ahrend has articulated the need arising from the COVID-19 pandemic in its vision for the Hybrid Working Community and translated it into solutions.’

‘Activity-based and hybrid working have been fully facilitated at BDO Tilburg.’
Nicole Rijntjes Property Consultant at BDO

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BDO   landscapexl
BDO   landscapexl
BDO   portraiti

Social Hubs

Taking into account that Ahrend has previously worked closely with M+R interior architecture at other BDO sites, you can be assured that the perfect team is ready to provide the best possible furnishing of the social hubs. Rolf Smeets: ‘We furnished BDO Tilburg with Balance workstations, and these have been fitted with S50 acoustic panels in the site’s house style colours, for extra concentration. The desks are matched with Ahrend 2020 office chairs. The meeting rooms have been fitted out with Dutchglobe tables and the restaurant with Ahrend Cross tables.’

Conceptual Innovation

Conceptual innovation is not the only feature of this project. BDO Tilburg is also innovative when it comes to integrating technology into the furniture. For example, the undersides of the desks have PUKs fitted for wireless charging. Rolf Smeets: ‘We have also taken vitality into consideration; BDO staff can sit actively on the ergonomic stools with swing effect, or be active on the deskbike. I think it’s great that with this project, BDO is setting the tone for the furnishing of its other branches in the south-east of the Netherlands.’

BDO   landscapem
BDO   landscapem

BDO on Ahrend

‘The furnishing of BDO Tilburg is an important step towards activity-based and hybrid working. Next year, the offices in Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Maastricht will follow suit. As part of this, the new BOLD office building at Strijp-S in Eindhoven will become the flagship office of the South-East region. The flexible meeting spaces and innovative work environments that Ahrend has created, are distinctive and welcoming. Our employees have plenty of options in finding the perfect space for the type of work they wish to do at any given moment. Activity-based and hybrid working have been fully facilitated at BDO Tilburg.’

- Nicole Rijntjes, Property Consultant at BDO

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