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Royal Ahrend Showroom in Brussels 12

Flexible, light and strong design

The Result is a sturdy, yet flexible and light chair which is easy to move. The thin steel sheet base in combination with an oak seat and backrest means the minimalist design remains strong. A chair where functional perfection and aesthetic minimalism come together. Choose from an infinite number of wooden finishes and frame colours. For a complete set, match the Result Chair with a table from the Pyramid collection.

Result   landscapem

From innovation to icon

Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld designed a true innovation in 1958. Instead of the tube steel commonly used in the 1920s, the Result was manufactured with folded sheet steel. This resulted in a light, simple and functional chair, which was immensely popular in schools in the 1960s and later it was frequently found outside the classrooms too. In collaboration with HAY, we launched a redesign of the Result chair in 2017.

Result   portraiti
Result, Pyramid   landscapem
Result, Pyramid   landscapem
Result   landscapem
Result, Pyramid   landscapem
Result   portraiti


  • Strong, flexible and light
  • Seat and back in high-quality oak wood
  • Legs equipped with plastic or felt gliders
  • Eight different combinations of seat and frame possible
  • The frame is available in black or beige
  • The seat and handrail are available in five wood colours
Silence Call, Result, Pyramid   squarem

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