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How it all began

It all started for Ahrend in 1896, with the typically Dutch entrepreneurial spirit of Jacobus Ahrend. Today, we are continuing to build on a unique history, enabling us to see past the issues of the day and shape the future of work. Discover the rich history, the remarkable projects and the legendary designs that have been created by Ahrend over the years.

More about our heritage
‘There is such a huge amount of passion and expertise in our company; our people are what makes the difference.’
Eugène Sterken CEO Ahrend
  • Colour portrait of Euge ne Sterken sitting on Embrace sofa landscape

    Eugène Sterken | CEO Ahrend

    CEO Eugene Sterken has now stood at the helm of Ahrend for eight years. In that time, he has seen and instigated a great deal of change. Has that always been easy? No. But if you want to move forward, you have to keep adapting.

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  • Wendy Verbakel   landscapem

    Wendy Verbakel-Verhagen | Assembly planning

    Wendy Verbakel-Verhagen has worked for Ahrend in Sint-Oedenrode, only seven kilometres from her home, for over twenty years. Despite the beautiful products that she sees every day, the most beautiful thing for her is working with others.

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  • Rob Lowiessen, Stijn Lowiessen   landscapem

    Rob and Stijn Lowiessen | Account manager

    Father Rob (60) and son Stijn (28) Lowiessen both work at Ahrend; one perhaps a little longer than the other. They discuss their time at Ahrend, how the company has played a major role in both their lives, and what they have learned from each other in that time.

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Silence Chat Focus low, Silence Call, Well, Aero   landscapexl


The work environments we create today are vitalising in every respect. They promote well-being, facilitate diversity, forge connections, and increase productivity. We tailor our products and services to the current needs of our clients. The most recent examples include our homeworking service and acoustic boxes that make hybrid working possible.    

The working environment of the future

More than ever before, the office is becoming a central meeting place. At the same time, employees should also have the space to concentrate on their work, to have conversations or make telephone or video calls in peace. Video calling has become a permanent feature of everyone’s working day: business trips now often make way for video meetings. It has also become more common for employees to work from home, where they still need to connect with each other, and with their clients or business contacts.

  • Ingrid Groeneweg   landscapem

    Ingrid Groeneweg | Interior Designer

    Ingrid Groeneweg is a designer in Ahrend’s interior design studio. For years, she has travelled the world to make sure that the Ahrend showrooms look perfect.

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  • Colour portrait of Petr Zednik

    Petr Zednik | International Projectmanager

    For over fifteen years, Petr Zednik from the Czech Republic has been on the go for Ahrend almost every day. As an international project manager, it’s up to him to make sure every job and delivery runs smoothly.

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  • Gerard Huiskes   landscapem

    Gerard Huiskes | Product Innovator

    As a product innovator, he spends his days developing the most sustainable solutions for the company and for the world around him.

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Decades of sustainability

Our efforts in sustainable enterprise and manufacturing go back decades. Back in the 1990s, Ahrend was involved in the development of Ecodesign, the European directive for environmentally-friendly product design, and we were among the first manufacturers to start developing products according to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy.

We are now reaping the rewards of years of circular design and product sustainability. Many of these products are now coming back to us to be reused or revitalised.  Under the Revived brand, we revitalise used office furniture to become future-proof solutions that feel as good as new. 

Circulaire Hub   squarem
  • Gerard Möhlmann   landscapem

    Gerard Möhlmann | External Assembly Team Leader

    From a juvenile detention centre in Lelystad to’s Australian offices: Gerard Möhlmann has worked almost everywhere in the world. Working for Ahrend for over thirty years has provided him with a wealth of different experiences.

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  • Colour portrait of Zana Ghaderi

    Zana Ghaderi | R&D and Product Manager

    Sitting in a Qabin that he helped design, R&D and Product Manager Zana Ghaderi explains what it’s like to work for Ahrend in China.

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  • Colour portait of Mike Caljouw

    Mike Caljouw | International Sales director

    In his role as Sales Director for International Key Accounts & Export Mike Caljouw tells us about the incredible international development the company has seen in recent years and reveals the one part of the world where there are no Ahrend products yet.

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