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Kyndryl   landscapexl

Biggest start-up

Kyndryl is the largest international start-up bringing together senior executives and employees around the world to collaborate on mission-critical information systems in over 100 countries. This takes enormous mutual trust, deep empathy for different (cultural) viewpoints and complete transparency. It is not surprising that Kyndryl's corporate identity comprises two core principles: development and connection between people. These principles are closely linked to Kyndryl's ambition to accelerate innovation, transform the world and drive progress. The layout of the new headquarters in Hoofddorp (1,600 m2) reinforces these core principles.

Kyndryl   landscapem
Kyndryl   landscapem

International hub

The new premises, close to public transport and air connections, provide working, meeting, consultation and landing spaces for the 500 Dutch employees. It is also an international hub for colleagues from all over the world. The assignment for Ahrend: match the look & feel of the interior with the corporate house style. Ahrend's interior designer was given a lot of freedom in the design. This resulted in a colour range with the main tones of petrol blue and mint green. The house style colours also feature on walls, floors and carpets. The different visuals enhance the Kyndryl feel and further fuel the natural curiosity of Kyndryl employees.

‘'Ahrend's design and interior encourage collaboration and interaction!'’
Marco Cordes COO at Kyndryl Netherlands

Kyndryl   portraiti
Kyndryl   landscapexl
Kyndryl   landscapexl
Kyndryl   landscapexl
Kyndryl   landscapexl
Kyndryl   portraiti

Interior design consultancy

In addition to design and interior design, Ahrend brought in expertise to support hybrid working. Simone Twelkemeijer, account manager at Ahrend: 'Our advice: reduce the included workstations to 100 and offer more space for meeting and informal consultation. Kyndryl aims to make all employees feel at home. We reflected this in an open entrance with warm carpets, with soft seating in several places like Ahrend Embrace. And all rooms have plants or moss walls. Green is important to Kyndryl. The startup planted more than 90,000 trees, one for every global employee.'

Hybrid design

Nestled between the grouped Ahrend Balance sit-stand workstations are seats, armchairs and benches for meeting each other and taking a rest, for example on the Ahrend Powernap. 'We set up meeting rooms and installed Qabin Call and Chats for live and online meetings. The design, commissioned by Apleona, succeeded in form and function, said Kyndryl. It's nice that Ahrend can use the design and furnishings to promote development and connectedness and make everyone from anywhere in the world feel at home.'

Kyndryl   landscapem
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Kyndryl on Ahrend

'Our colleagues usually work in three locations: at the client's premises, at home or at one of our global offices. The offices mainly have a meeting function: to consult, collaborate and video call with each other. The offices mainly have a meeting function:to consult, collaborate and video call with each other. That's why we gave Ahrend a lot of freedom within the corporate parameters. We expressly called for a mix of workstations and consultation and meeting places to be designed. The design and interior encourage collaboration and interaction. Several teams are in the office on specific days for consultation and collaboration. I only get positive reactions. From everyone: colleagues, customers, suppliers and also from family on the open day.'

Marco Cordes, COO at Kyndryl Netherlands

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