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Growing organisation

As the grid operator for the Netherlands and much of Germany, TenneT owns and operates 25,000 kilometres of high-voltage cables. This enables the organisation to provide electricity to 43 million people, in the Netherlands and a large part of Germany. TenneT achieves this by handling the transportation of electricity, providing system services and facilitating the energy market. In addition, TenneT designs, builds, maintains and operates the electricity grid. The internationally-operating grid operator is growing both in terms of service provision and workforce. This necessitates more workstations for hybrid and activity-focused working.   

TenneT TSO   landscapem
TenneT TSO   landscapem

Focused on reuse

For years, Ahrend has been one of TenneT’s partners for furnishing. ‘For example, in 2014 we furnished the MCE head office for TenneT. Whenever the grid operator has a furnishing request, they look at which partner is best suited to the request, always accompanied by a robust sustainability objective,’ says Martijn Gademan, account manager at Ahrend. ‘We can be of great service to this client in this regard, with our Circular Hub services playing a leading role. With every furnishing request, TenneT is strongly focused on reuse.’

‘‘TenneT prioritises reuse with every furnishing requirement.’’
Mirjam Hofland Senior facility manager TenneT

TenneT TSO   portraiti
TenneT TSO   landscapem
TenneT TSO   landscapem
TenneT TSO   landscapem
TenneT TSO   landscapem
TenneT TSO   portraiti

Ergonomic standard

Thanks to its large stock of used furniture, Ahrend’s Circular Hub was able to make use of parts or complete items of furniture. As such, we refurbished around 1200 existing office chairs for TenneT. Martijn: ‘This means that all of the chairs have been inspected, cleaned and upholstered. Where necessary, we have replaced components. In compliance with TenneT’s request to ensure the chairs meet ergonomic standards, we have replaced armrests and gas springs on many of the chairs.’

Solo workstations converted into duo workstations

We have also refurbished TenneT’s existing solo workstations into duo workstations. In the Circular Hub, we removed the desktops from TenneT’s old desks, cut the frames and used a special adapter to attach them to Ahrend Balance sit-stand frames. The refurbished duo workstations are equipped with powered accessories and Ahrend S50 acoustic screens. Thanks to the new format, the duo workstations take up relatively less space while providing more employees with a good workstation.  

TenneT TSO   landscapem
TenneT TSO   landscapem

Uniform look

Ahrend also completely furnished the office block with refurbished furniture from the TenneT stock and the Circular Hub. Martijn: ‘The Ahrend Studio came up with a colour and material design that ensured that all of the circular products fit beautifully into the interior design. The result is a tasteful environment furnished through circular principles that supports hybrid and activity-focused working and encourages consultation.’

Ambitious in sustainability

These projects sound quite substantial. Isn’t new more convenient? ‘This was indeed a complex logistical operation, but it does mean we are working with TenneT in a highly sustainable and low-carbon way. Our strength lies in the combination of a large stock of used furniture, the creativity to be able to see that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts and our knowledge of circular materials. Obviously, you need to have clients who have those ambitions in terms of sustainability. We are proud to be able to support TenneT in their ambitions.’

The client on Ahrend

‘When buying separate furnishings, TenneT adopts what is referred to as the “three-stage rocket”: from reuse and potential refurbishing from own stock to the use of (refurbished) furniture from the stock of our preferred suppliers. If new purchases are needed then they must be sustainably manufactured, 100% circular furniture. Our banned list of materials and strict conditions for such properties as sustainability, detachability, material choice, reusability and refurbishing applies across the board. Ahrend is a good partner in this field.’

Mirjam Hofland, Senior facility manager on behalf of TenneT

TenneT TSO   landscapem

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