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Header Royal Ahrend Government project interior view of FWO in Brussels GDK6399

Attractive historic building

FWO (in full Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen) promotes and supports fundamental scientific research, strategic fundamental research and clinical scientific research. It does so by providing finance, infrastructure and the management of large computing capacity. FWO is also closely involved in several European and international research initiatives.
The new premises in a 5000 m2 historic building near the Flemish Parliament and Senate is an attractive place for the 90 permanent staff and national and international scientists, researchers and academics.

FWO   landscapem
FWO   landscapem

Unique in the academic world

Paul Puype, project manager at Ahrend, immediately saw that this contract was special. 'The atmosphere in and around the building and the function and position of FWO are unique within the academic world. FWO is laying the foundations for new opportunities for Belgium, Europe and the world. It is here that decisions are taken on which research is to be supported financially. Meeting rooms host brainstorming sessions for pioneering experiments. The auditorium is a stage for scientific conferences and meetings. The new premises are to inspire, encourage networking and be welcoming to academics.'

‘Ahrend Studio convinced us with its detailed 3D drawings’
Werner Coorevits Head of logistic services at FWO

FWO   portraiti
FWO   landscapexl
FWO   landscapexl
FWO   landscapexl
FWO   landscapexl
FWO   portraiti

Design sessions with the client

Ahrend received a detailed dossier with mood boards. In response, Ahrend Studio worked with the tender team to produce a balanced proposal with a mix of products and brands. Paul: 'We completed the workspaces with sit-stand and fixed desks with large-format tops from the Ahrend Balance range. We also engaged our partners for the meeting rooms, pantries and auditorium. Each room required individual attention. For this, we organised design sessions with the client, architect and interior designers from our Ahrend Studio.'

FWO   landscapem

The power of partnership

Two days of hard work went into the showrooms in Zaventem. Working together, we created beautiful combinations of conference tables and conference chairs, lighting and accessories, materials and colours. Paul: 'Think Ahrend Cross and Aero tables combined with Ahrend Well and Revolt chairs. But we also see Vespa tables with chairs by Vitra and Fritz Hanzen in some rooms. And in the informal coffee corners, you will see the Ahrend Charge and Queen sofa in harmony with poufs by HAY. At FWO, Ahrend demonstrates the power of partnership and a perfect blend of function, form and brand.'

Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Vlaanderen on Ahrend

'We already knew Ahrend from previous collaborations. I am very happy with their service. But because we are a government organisation, we had to invite tenders. We were impressed by the constructively critical attitude of Ahrend's interior design studio. Each product closely matches the function it serves as well as the look and feel it should exude in the room. Ahrend selected not only from its own products for the mix, but also from the range of partners.
We recall with fondness the productive showroom visits together with our architect. Ahrend Studio convinced us with detailed 3D drawings of each floor and room of the best furniture to select. From flexible sit-stand workspaces to soft seating in the pantries; from a combination of cabinet with shelves from different partners to beautiful conference tables. Ahrend's attention and expertise have resulted in a well-functioning work and meeting place where everyone enjoys coming, staying and returning. The permanent staff are content and visitors impressed by the new centre for Flemish science.'

Werner Coorevits, head of logistic services at FWO

FWO   squarem

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