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  • Qabin Chat, Balance, Ease, Concentration Corner, Switch, Sliding door Cabinet, ZINN   landscapem Qabin Chat, Balance, Ease, Concentration Corner, Switch, Sliding door Cabinet, ZINN   landscapem

    Qabin Chat

  • Qabin Call, Pyramid, Well Armchair,  Recharge 100   portraiti Qabin Call, Pyramid, Well Armchair,  Recharge 100, Revolt   portraiti

    Qabin Call

  • Working comfortably

    When you step into a Qabin box you get an immediate sense of peace and quiet, but don't feel stifled. The acoustics and temperature are always pleasant, even when you remain there for extended periods. The ventilation is user-adjustable. The internal walls are fitted with removable upholstered panels, to prevent booming inside. These ergonomic boxes guarantee vitality and comfort in the workplace.

    ‘Your personal space within the open, flexible work environment.’
    Royal Ahrend Qabin Chat space in space rflow infographic

    Unique ventilation system

    Our years of experience in developing space-in-space solutions have led to an innovative ventilation system that ensures an optimum interior climate. We have developed a system that draws air in from the underside of the box and upwards via the walls, thanks to ventilators in the ceiling. The incoming air is always cooler, which provides a natural and cooling airflow. Spaces are warmed up by their users and electrical equipment like laptops. This ‘natural air conditioning’ means that the interior space maintains a good temperature.   

    More about the importance of ventilation

    Video calls in private

    Perfectly balanced acoustics, without disturbing colleagues


    The unique ventilation system makes it suitable for hours of use

    Designed to last

    By always adapting the flexible interior to the needs of that moment

    Marck Haans   landscapexl

    Designer Marck Haans on the Qabin Collection

    “One of the main points of departure for me was to create a safe haven for when everyone can go back to the office. The coronavirus pandemic means it’s even more important that people feel comfortable when they do return. In terms of technology, the Qabin ventilation system really is unique. We have created a place you can stay in for longer periods. With regard to design, every line has its own function. This has resulted in a peaceful design without unnecessary additions.”

    Configure it yourself

    The Qabin Collection is available in two versions: Qabin Call for one person, ideal for phone and video calls, and the more spacious Qabin Chat, perfect for both solo and collaborative work. Choose the perfect match for the circumstances in your workplace. Whatever configuration you choose, you are guaranteed privacy, focus, creativity and flexibility.
    Qabin Chat, Well   landscapexl
    Qabin Call, Pyramid, Well Armchair, Recharge 45, Recharge 100, Recharge 165, Revolt, Engage   landscapexl

    A sustainable solution

    Designed to evolve with the times, the Qabin Collection offers a sustainable solution. The collection is built to enable easy upgrading or component replacement. The Qabin interior is flexible. It can be adapted to suit the activities it hosts. Right where it stands. To enable more flexibility in the workplace, the boxes can be easily repositioned using the (optional) wheels.
    Qabin Chat, Balance, Ease, Concentration Corner, Switch, Sliding door Cabinet, ZINN   landscapexl

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