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Oxygen-rich air

Patrick tells us that fresh air is essential to good health. ‘You might remember, back in school, feeling listless by the end of the day. We now know that this has a lot to do with a build up of CO2 in unventilated classrooms. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. If the CO2 cannot dissipate and we don't get an adequate supply of oxygen-rich air, we experience loss of concentration and headaches.’

The ventilation in Space-in-Space boxes

What do we mean by ventilation? Patrick: ‘In simple terms, we mean changing the air.’ There's a good reason why the building regulations specify a fresh-air supply of 35 m3 per person per hour. Patrick: ‘Where Covid and other viral infections are concerned, a supply rate of 60 m3 per person per hour is advisable. All our solutions offer ventilation of 60 m3 minimum, and the rate for the Qabin and Silence is even twice as high as that.’
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Cooler, fresh air

Cooler, fresh air entering the box through a labyrinth of passages at the bottom of the walls pushes the warm air up. This circulation is what constantly refreshes the air.
According to the laws of physics, the warm air molecules vibrate at a higher rate. This means that they take up more space and displace the air. In other words, warm air is less dense and therefore ‘lighter’ than cold air. This is how the cold air pushes the warm air up.

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Sound insulation, fresh air and a pleasant temperature

This process can be accelerated by adjusting the ventilation to bring more fresh air into a silence booth or phone box. Patrick: ‘This is precisely what we do in the Space-in-Space collection. Our silence boxes help you to concentrate on your work. And sound insulation is not the only factor in play here!’

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