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Interview | Designer Marck Haans about the Qabin Collection

What was your point of departure when designing the Qabin Collection?

One of the main points of departure for me was to create a safe haven for when everyone goes back to the office. The coronavirus pandemic means it’s even more important that people feel comfortable when they do return. The Qabin Collection brings peace into the work environment. You achieve this with things like the magnetic door closure with its audible ‘click’ that gives a sense of privacy. At the same time, we’ve ensured that the box is particularly well-ventilated - to make it a place you can stay in for longer periods. The Qabin ventilation system really is unique.   

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What is so special about the design of the Qabin?

Every line in Qabin has its function. For example, lighting, accessories or a desktop can be fitted into the spaces between the various panels. This creates a kind of peace in the design without unnecessary additions. You can also clearly see that the panels are filled with foam, like a kind of cushion. This contributes to the pleasant acoustics, while also giving the user of the box the same perception. 

I also wanted architects to be able to play with Qabin in their interior designs. That’s why the basic form is very neutral. 

What are you most proud of?

I’m proud of the fact that everything works. The design and technical aspects have come together really nicely. The collaboration with our international technical team was extremely valuable in that regard. We took advantage of the time difference, which enabled us to work very efficiently. It was real teamwork!

The design process was entirely digital. That’s a big challenge in itself: what you draw in a design program is pretty abstract. Only when you actually have the components in your hands do you really know if it’s going to work. Fortunately, that worked out very well.    

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What makes this a typical Ahrend product?

It's become a timeless product. The Qabin Collection doesn’t have any details that are purely in keeping with current trends or today’s fashion. A design like that is much less imposing. Look at Friso Kramer’s classic Revolt chair: his designs are also timeless and everything has its function. In the case of boxes, it’s often the case that organisations place a number of them in a space, such as an open-plan office, at the same time. If each of these boxes has its own design, the effect can be very distracting. A peaceful environment is not just down to good acoustics but less visual stimulation too.

How do you see the Qabin Collection being used?

When we do go back to the office in the near future, I anticipate a great demand for Space-in-Space solutions. We’ll be working remotely and video calling a lot more, which will require more enclosed workspaces. Both single-person workspaces and boxes for more than one person at a time. Qabin is simply a very pleasant place to work in, where anyone can retreat to get a lot of work done without being disturbed.
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