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Your own interior

The Silence Chat supports activity-related working in the office environment and is available with five different interiors. There’s a solution for every activity. Choose the layout that best matches your work situation: whether you want to video call without being disturbed, hold small meetings, or give total concentration to your work. Your privacy is assured, although contact with your surroundings is maintained through the glass screen. Upgrading or modifying the interior is straightforward.

Personal climate

When you step inside the Silence Chat you immediately experience peace and silence, without feeling claustrophobic. The Silence Collection is designed to have a perfect balance between ventilation and acoustic properties. You can set the silent ventilation system, which provides a gentle breeze to your preference. And, with 47 dB noise reduction, the Silence Chat is one of the best insulating products on the market. That means you can work in comfort, even for longer periods.
  • Sensor adjusts ventilation and lighting automatically
  • Operating panel to adjust ventilation and LED light panel settings to your preference
  • Power points: one electrical socket and two USB ports
  • Internal wall in soft, sound-absorbing wool felt in two colours
  • 100% plug & play
  • Available in five configurations: Conference Low, Conference High, Work Low, Work High, Lounge
  • Tabletop in black, white or oak finish
  • Outer wall finished in a fabric from the Kvadrat Divina collection; available in more than 120 colours, manufactured from sustainable materials
  • Desk lighting; Pastille W182 P2 in white or black version
‘A perfect balance between ventilation and acoustic properties.’
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Video calling

Whereas the Silence Call enables you to make phone calls in a pleasant and peaceful manner, the Silence Chat is the ideal place for video calling. You have plenty of space to make yourself comfortable and attend a video meeting while causing the least disturbance to other co-workers. The Silence Chat can be equipped with video conferencing tools.

Smart PuK powered by Zens

The smart PuK powered by Zens is a sensor that measures whether a workplace is occupied. The PuK signals whether a workplace is potentially broken or needs maintenance or cleaning. With the PuK, you can also charge your phone or earbuds wirelessly. 

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