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Royal Ahrend interior view of Showroom in Shanghai 3775BB

Peace in an open work environment

We are seeing a growing need for an integrated solution for video calls, focused working and small-group discussions. With the Qabin Meet XL, you give your employees the option of using an enclosed workspace for short or extended periods. The provision of ample space for (temporary) seclusion helps maintain a pleasant balance in an open-plan work environment.

  • Speech level reduction class B in accordance with ISO 23351
  • Control panel and motion sensor for light and ventilation
  • Power: 2x power sockets and 2x USB chargers
  • Magnetic door closure
  • Two coat hooks
  • Integrated wheels to move the box easily
  • The dimensions can be found in the brochure
  • Whiteboard for the interior and exterior
  • Monitor arm or holder
  • Wall shelves
  • Accessories for privacy, such as privacy glass, wooden slats and net curtains
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Smart PuK
  • Choice of interiors suited for different activities
  • Possibility to make the door hinged to the right


Minimisation of ambient noise


Sufficient for 1 complete air refreshment per minute


Complete ergonomic workplace

Configurations & modularity

The box is available in three different configurations. The configuration that suits you best depends on the activity for which the box is used. Each version of the Qabin Meet XL can be fitted with video conferencing tools. 

The Qabin Chat, Meet and Meet XL are modular in structure. They are easy to expand if necessary, for example if the office layout is rearranged or if the number of employees in the workplace increases.


Anyone who looks for an Ahrend Qabin to work in a focused manner or make undisturbed calls not only wants peace, but also privacy. To create an extra feeling of privacy, we offer a number of comfortable and attractive options. You can choose from:
  • Privacy glass that you can turn on and off as desired.
  • Wooden slats, available in natural and black stained oak.
  • Stickers; create your own design.
  • Net curtains; for a homely feeling.
Qabin Call, Qabin Chat Connect high, Recharge 165, Recharge 100, Pyramid Table 02, Revolt, Result, Grow Stool   landscapem
‘Qabin Meet XL meets changing needs within the work environment: interior modifications are straightforward.’

Royal Ahrend interior view of Inspiration Centre AIC in Amsterdam SP09
Qabin Meet Gather high, 452, Queen, Charge   landscapem
Royal Ahrend interior view of Inspiration Centre AIC in Amsterdam SP22
Royal Ahrend interior view of Inspiration Centre AIC in Amsterdam SP10
Qabin Meet Brainstorm, Queen, Charge   landscapem
Qabin Meet Connect low, Well   portraitm


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