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‘The Qabin Call is a little more spacious than the average call booth, to allow longer use.’

Balance in the open office space

There are often a number of activities taking place simultaneously in the office, each generating their own level of noise. The provision of ample space for (temporary) seclusion helps maintain a workable balance in the workplace. Not only that, but the greater demand for video-calling requires a solution in which employees can share the open space while being able to work for short or extended periods in isolation. This solution comes in the shape of the Qabin Call.    


  • Speech level reduction class B according to ISO 23351
  • Control panel and motion sensor for light and ventilation
  • Electrification: 1x power connection and 1x USB charger
  • Table top can be mounted at sitting or standing height
  • Magnetic closing door
  • Coat hook
  • Air exchange rate adjustable up to 150m³/h. Enough for one complete air change per minute
  • Exterior dimensions: 100x120x223 cm
  • Interior dimensions: 84x114x207 cm
  • Whiteboard for the exterior
  • Monitor arm
  • Fabric cover for the exterior
  • Accessories for privacy, such as privacy glass and wooden slats
  • Video conferencing tools
  • Smart PuK
  • Integrated wheels for easy moving of the box
  • Panneau de protection


Minimisation of ambient noise


Sufficient for 1 complete air refreshment per minute


The shelf can be set at two different heights, sit or stand

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Anyone who looks for an Ahrend Qabin to work in a focused manner or make undisturbed calls not only wants peace, but also privacy. To create an extra feeling of privacy, we offer a number of comfortable and attractive options. You can choose from:
  • Privacy glass that you can turn on and off as desired.
  • Wooden slats, available in natural and black stained oak.
  • Stickers; create your own design.
  • Net curtains; for a homely feeling.

Upgrade with Jabra

Making a persuasive sales pitch via video conference can be a challenge. Therefore the Qabin Chat can be upgraded to include a whiteboard and professional audiovisual tools from Jabra. Write down your client's new ideas in a brainstorm session and the camera captures everything perfectly. The high-quality audio ensures that you can be heard clearly. This helps you take your presentation to the next level.    

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Smart PuK powered by Zens

The smart PuK powered by Zens is a sensor that measures whether a workplace is occupied. The PuK signals whether a workplace is potentially broken or needs maintenance or cleaning. With the PuK, you can also charge your phone or earbuds wirelessly. 

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Lease and stay flexible

Hybrid working affects not only the way we work together, but the layout of the work environment. There are times when you want to switch quickly. For this reason, the Qabin Call are now also available for lease. We can install the box at your office within five weeks. Stay flexible in the face of changing interior needs, and help make the work environment more sustainable. We’ll gladly help you find the best solution. 

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Easy to assemble and relocate  

Our fitters assemble the Qabin boxes on location. You then simply move the boxes into place using the built-in castors. The smart system means that the components can be fitted or screwed together easily. Should a repair become necessary in the future, components can easily be replaced. This helps extend the lifespan of the box.


Interested in the Qabin Collection of Ahrend? Fill in the contact form below. We are happy to help you discuss the possibilities without obligation.