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Sustainable wood

Our preference is for sustainable and natural materials. All of the timber in our solutions comes from sustainably-managed forests. Our particle board consists of 100% recycled wood, some of which comes from our own factories. We test the board for emissions of volatile organic substances with potentially harmful effects. We aim to protect people from these both during production and during use. We are continuously innovating to develop completely emission-free sheet material.   

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Ahrend oak tabletop with cutout showing Greengridz interior front top left detail view

Lightweight tabletop

Those looking to reduce their CO2 footprint choose a circular tabletop from Greengridz®. This tabletop consists of a grid of HDF panels made of sustainable, certified wood. The panels are CARB2 certified, contain no formaldehyde and are glued with environmentally friendly PVAc D3 adhesive. The tabletop weighs on average up to 60% less than an MFC table top.* As a result, transport is less environmentally-unfriendly and installing the tabletop is easy.

*with dimensions of 160 x 80 x 24 cm

Revived tabletop

A Revived tabletop is an innovative, circular choice for an Ahrend Balance table or desk. It reduces the environmental impact whilst choosing a robust material with a long life-span.

Compact material (previously known as Ciranol) has been widely used for tabletops in the past. Tabletops made of this material can last up to 30 years. In practice, they are replaced after 10 years on average and the material is lost.

Our Circular Hub takes in around 5,000 used Compact tabletops every year. These are refurbished with a new top layer by an external processor. The now Revived tabletops are ready for their next life cycle. This process leads to a carbon footprint reduction of about 95%. By repeating it, we retain the value over multiple life cycles.

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Download here the overview of all materials in our collection:

Royal Ahrend Portal table in white with walnut tabletop front right detail view
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Royal Ahrend Balance 4 leg in white with crank and glass jar with plant front right detail view
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Royal Ahrend Well sled base chair fully upholstered in green at Kvadrat store in Amsterdam L1000870

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