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Height adjustment

With the Ahrend Balance Comfort, you can easily and quickly adjust your desk to standing height with the electric control. Alternating between sitting and standing work, enables healthy, creative and productive work. For example, 71% of employees feel healthier when they occasionally adjust their desk in height and 46% say they are more productive. A quick win for every organisation!

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‘'24% of employees in the Netherlands experience an uncomfortable indoor climate at work and 32% believe that the temperature is poorly regulated.'’
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Personal climate comfort

For optimal productivity, the indoor temperature should range between 20-25°C. But the perception of climate varies from person to person; young or old and male or female. One general climate leads to complaints among individual employees. Recently published scientific research also shows that people who cannot influence the indoor climate are expected to be on average 6.3% less productive and have an average of 1.5 times more sick building complaints.

Heating and cooling components integrated into the workplace, make personal heating and cooling simple. Personal climate control at the workplace level contributes to the comfort and satisfaction of employees, which has a positive effect on productivity and reducing absenteeism. Consumption is reduced by a significant 25%, as only the workstation your working on is air-conditioned.
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Biodynamic lighting

Lighting is not only necessary for carrying out activities. Various studies show that good lighting also has a positive impact on your health, well-being, alertness and even on sleep quality. In the workplace this also results in higher work performance.

If you have limited access to daylight in the office, biodynamic lighting will mimic the rhythm of daylight. Light with a large blue light share (cold white) has an activating effect, it strengthens cognitive performance and concentration ability. Light with a large red light share (warm light) on the other hand has a relaxing effect.

Biodynamic lighting is integrated into Balance Comfort, so users themselves control the colour and level of light.

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    The basics
  • Steel frame
  • Powder coated legs in C-shape, L-shape, duo and duo version
  • Patented design allowing side by side legs to be independently adjustable while sharing one slab leg
  • Choice of 11 different paint colours and 4 trend colours
  • 18 and 22 mm Monotop, 12 mm Ciranol table top or 18 mm Linotop
  • Patented quick fix table top
  • Height range 65 cm - 130 cm
  • Standards: NEN-EN 527-1,2 and 3, NPR 1813, CE statement, GS Zeichen and Ansi Bifma M7.1
    The options
  • Anti-collision sit-stand workplaces
  • Acoustic panels
  • Electrics in or on the table top
  • Ahrend PuK wireless smartphone charger
  • Clean desk drawer
  • Flos Kelvin LED lamp with table top access
  • CPU-holders and (dynamic) monitor arms
  • Matching storage cabinets
  • Fixed height 74 cm for meetings
  • Height-adjustable from 62 to 88 cm with foldaway crank handle or pin adjustment
  • Height-adjustable 62 to 88 cm with crank handle
  • Crank or electric sit-sit adjustment 62 to 88 cm
  • Electrically height adjustable 65 to 130 cm in sit-stand variant with switch on top of or below the table top
  • Table top depths include: 80, 90 and 100 cm
Royal Ahrend Comfort workstation in showroom Sint Oedenrode 10

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