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Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 31

Transparent and modular

Mehes ' transparent design blends into any environment. It is characterised by the 12 mm thin ' floating ' worktop  supported by the iconic I-shaped legs. The elements are modular, easy  to assemble and disassemble, adapt, expand and store efficiently. And there’s more! The components of Mehes are also easy to separate for reuse or recycling.

Royal Ahrend Showroom in Sint Oedenrode 04
  • I-and T-legs made of aluminium and steel, connected by aluminium beam and top supports
  • Desktops of 12 mm thick Ciranol
  • Fixed legs: Height 74 cm
  • Legs in standard Ahrend paint colours
  • Electrification facilities
  • Holder for PC control device

An icon for over 40 years

Design by Friso Kramer,  Mehes stands for Mobility, Efficiency, Humanisation, Environment, Standardisation. The progressive design from 1972 suited the growing demand for flixibilty in open-plan offices. After more than 40 years, the Mehes ' design is still an attractive design icon.

Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 31

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