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Revolt, Result, Pyramid Table 02, Pyramid Bench 12, Pyramid Coffee Table 51   headerxxl

Timeless design

Ahrend re-released the iconic Result chair and the Pyramid Collection in 2017 in association with the HAY design brand.

The Result chair and the Pyramid Collection were initially used in schools in the Sixties and Seventies. As such, many people in the Netherlands grew up with these iconic designs. Thanks to their timeless design, these icons are still relevant today. Developed for a variety of environments, the furniture can be deployed in a flexible manner.

Result, Pyramid   squarexl
‘With their elegant basic frames the furniture items in the Pyramid Collection link well together visually.’

Revolt, Pyramid Table 02   portraitxl
Revolt, Pyramid Table 02   landscapew
Pyramid   landscapem
Result, Pyramid   landscapem
Result, Pyramid   landscapew
Result, Pyramid   portraitxl


  • Frame in black, beige or red
  • Table top in solid oak, neutral matt or gloss varnish and ‘smoked oil’ finish
  • Bench: 85 x 40, 140 x 40, 190 x 40, 200 x 40, 250 x 40 cm, seat height 46 cm
  • Square table: 140 x 65, 140 x 75, 200 x 75, 190 x 85, 250 x 85, 300 x 85 cm, height 74 cm
  • Rectangular table: 70 x 70 cm, height 74 cm
  • Round table: diameter 70 cm, height 74 cm
  • Round coffee table: diameter 45 and 60 cm, height 44 and 54 cm
Valeo   landscapexl

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