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Flexible and activity-based

For over 85 years, EEG has developed and maintained heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical engineering, fire protection, energy and climate management in buildings, hospitals and offices. More than 900 people work in different locations in Belgium, under the guidance of the head office in Gullegem. The decision was made to move to a new building, to be able to work in a flexible, activity-based and more vital way. The new work culture helps EEG to respond effectively to future changes in a constantly evolving market.  

EEG   landscapem
EEG   landscapem

New organisational culture

Before heading for the drawing board, everyone thought long and hard about requirements, activities, ways of working, the new organisational culture and hybrid and vitalising working. In order to gain vital insights, Thijs Denoulet, senior project advisor at Ahrend, held comprehensive discussions with management and staff: ‘The outcome and common thread in the design and furnishing was activity-based working. This means saying goodbye to your own desk and cabinet. Now, activities and tasks determine your workstation, for an hour, an afternoon, or a whole day.’

‘‘The Ahrend product range supports our new work culture.’’
Griet Delporte financial director EEG

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EEG   landscapem
EEG   landscapem
EEG   landscapem
EEG   landscapem
EEG   portraiti

Blend of furniture

Thijs interviewed members of staff in order to pick out the appropriate furniture for each working method. The analysis resulted in different zones on each of the three floors. The first floor was primarily furnished with used furniture, with circularity in mind. ‘An extra-large desk that was previously used by just one employee is now a collaborative table in the new building. The ‘individual’ cabinets are now for use by multiple people. Sharing has taken a little getting used to, but with the right support and communication, as well as a diverse blend of different pieces of furniture, everyone is now sitting - or standing - comfortably.’

Extensive product range

This project demonstrates how extensive the Ahrend range is: Ahrend Flexboxes for concentrated working (and collaboration), large and small touchdown and conference tables (incl. Ahrend A314, Result, Hay Pyramid) with Ahrend Well Chairs, Ahrend Balance sit-stand desks and Ahrend 314 fixed high tables for greater movement throughout the working day. For informal meetings, EEG staff sit on Ahrend Loungescape and Embrace. The cabinets with plants serve multiple purposes: storage space, partitioning and improved acoustics.

EEG   landscapem
EEG   landscapem

Lots of different workstations

The result? ‘Together with the architect and client we have created a pleasant, future-facing head office. The building is convivial where things can be informal, efficient where employees have to cover distances, and transparent thanks to the open workspaces. I’m proud of the overall result. Especially when I see the new building in operation. Every spot is used for its intended purpose. And the great thing is that the many different kinds of workstations fit very naturally within the overall interior. You can see that all the cooperating parties have applied their expertise and needs optimally and cohesively.’

EEG on Ahrend

‘Our market is evolving fast. This demands a flexible organisation, changing ways of working and an easily-adaptable layout. At the same time, we wanted to switch over to activity-based working; the hybrid furnishing has to support all of our ways of working, roles and activities. We also wanted greater physical dynamism during the working day with furniture that encourages movement. This brief demanded project management, and Ahrend handled that very well.

It was also nice that Ahrend collaborated with the architect in listening closely to us and our staff. We can see this in the reuse of furniture, for example. The ‘old’ train bench is perfect for the new reception. I see a large touchdown table that is used to play cards during breaks. The building and the interior support the dynamic course of our future-facing organisation.’

Griet Delporte, Financial Director

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