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Interdisciplinary and international

Avans University of Applied Sciences offers courses spread across twelve academies, with subject areas such as Economics and Business, Behaviour and Society, Exact and Computer Science, Law and Governance and Health. Avans has several branches in Breda, Den Bosch, Tilburg and Roosendaal. In Breda, Avans has created a location to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration: OpenX. Besides interdisciplinary education and research, OpenX gives pride of place to international students and lecturers and invites business and social institutions to submit their issues to the university.

Avans Hogeschool   landscapem
Avans Hogeschool   landscapem

Impact on society

Interdisciplinary education and hands-on research have allowed Avans to make an impact when it comes to social issues. And the topics Avans focuses on are reflected in the themed rooms. Ahrend's Interior Design department has been involved in designing and furnishing these rooms. Edith Kusters, interior designer at Ahrend: 'We were able to put our creativity, conceptual ability, expertise and extensive Ahrend collection to full use at Avans. For example, we have designed visuals that provide knowledge enhancement and encourage collaboration between students and lecturers as well as Avans and external organisations.'

‘'A remarkable result that aligns with the wishes of academies, lecturers and students.'’
Vera Groenen

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Avans Hogeschool   landscapexl
Avans Hogeschool   landscapexl
Avans Hogeschool   landscapexl
Avans Hogeschool   landscapexl
Avans Hogeschool   portraiti

Biophilic design

The furniture also supports and reinforces the various themes and vision. In the Borders of the Planet room, for instance, Ahrend has deliberately opted for certain products. 'Part of a former gym floor is now in use as table tops. Circularity, reuse and sustainability are also reflected elsewhere in OpenX. For example, we have extended the lifespan of the Ahrend Engage lounge sofa by using strong, hard-wearing fabrics. We have also repainted and reupholstered used chairs. Ahrend gives biophilic design a prominent role within the furnishing concept. After all, natural greenery increases the well-being of users.'

Supporting educational vision

Another important aspect of the new educational vision is flexibility and agility. Edith: 'We achieve this through Ahrend Move-it, mobile scrum and high and low 4-legged tables. We have placed castors under a number of Engage lounge sofas. We are firmly of the belief that our interior design and furniture support OpenX. And I am proud that Ahrend Interior Design and furniture is facilitating study, research and education.’

Avans Hogeschool   landscapem
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Avans on Ahrend

'When furnishing and remodelling, we like to work with established partners. As such, Ahrend has been our furnishing partner since 2006. With OpenX housing 13 different user groups, we have created an appropriate layout proposal for each group. Edith, Ahrend's interior designer, attended every single one of these sessions. Which meant we had thirteen tailor-made plans within a very short time. We fleshed these out with materials, colours and furniture in close collaboration with Edith. We were able to see and feel all the different fabrics, and each individual product has been carefully chosen. Our joint efforts have led to a remarkable result that aligns with the wishes of the academies, teachers and students. All spaces, seating areas, themed rooms and workstations are extensively used. It's always buzzing in OpenX.'

Vera Groenen, real estate and housing project leader at Avans University of Applied Sciences

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