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Renovating the building and the furniture

The EEMCS faculty resides in a 23-floor building which is in the process of being renovated. This renovation revolves around sustainability. Sustainability was also a strict requirement for the interior design; the existing furniture had to be evaluated based on its reusability. Together with the Circular Hub, Ahrend’s centre of expertise, the floors belonging to the department of Electrical Engineering have been fully redesigned using both refurbished and new circular work and study spots for staff, professors and PhD and masters students.


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Working, studying and socialising

It took a few months to empty the building and store all the furniture in containers. These containers were then brought to the Circular Hub, where every table and chair was evaluated in terms of its reusability. Stijn Lowiessen, account manager at Ahrend, said: ‘First, we evaluated the condition of each product and taken action where necessary. For example, deep cleaning and, where necessary, refurbishment, upholstering and varnishing.’

‘Thanks to Ahrend’s Circular Hub, we’ve been able to reuse nearly all our furniture’


For this purpose, Ahrend created an inventory of all the existing furniture with the Circular Hub. In total, the Hub refurbished 767 pieces of furniture, all of which have been reused. Besides the refurbishments, we advised TU Delft to replenish its furniture with products from the Ahrend Revived Collection. These revitalised products from multiple brands are stocked in the circular hub; 485 of them were delivered to TU Delft swiftly and under warranty.

TU Delft   landscapem
TU Delft   landscapem

Vitalising work environment

Aside from revitalised furniture from TU Delft and the additional Revived learning and studying sets, new circular furniture was introduced, such as Balance sit/stand desks. How was it all received? According to Liset Stolwijk, Project Manager Moving and Furnishing at TU Delft, ‘The users are happy with their new working environment and the pleasant work and study spots. The department now has a consistent style and colour palette. The open space and navigability of the vitalising new work environment makes it pleasing to be in.’

TU Delft on Ahrend

‘Ahrend and the Circular Hub have completely relieved us of our worries during this project. Stijn has been enormously helpful with project management and planning. Ahrend has shown itself to be flexible and pro-active as a partner.

The result is not only sustainable but also very beautiful. The users’ reactions have been positive. We compliment Ahrend on the atmosphere, layout and consistent design, and the sit/stand desks have been very positively received. They allow for more dynamism and movement during the workday.’

Liset Stolwijk, Project Manager Moving and Furnishing at TU Delft

TU Delft   landscapem
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