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Spontaneous encounters

In the margins of formal consultations, we know that spontaneous, unplanned interactions are at least as important to your employees’ wellness, happiness and productivity.

Create a comfortable place to which they can withdraw for a short period of time, either in small groups or alone. These are known as breakout zones.

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Boost creative interaction

These breakout zones are places where employees can discuss a meeting in advance, or after the event, without having to return to their workspaces in the open meeting environment. They are just the place to assess a meeting's outcome. 

And a place where you can work individually without having to find a quiet area. The demand for this type of area will rise, because it inspires relaxation, rapid brainstorming sessions and creative interaction. And that raises productivity.

Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 38
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Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 41B
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