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Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 0507

Characteristic design

The Ahrend 1200 Edition has an unusual and characteristic design. In the wood finish, the right-angled direction of the wood grain accentuates the shape of the table. The integrated lighting and power sockets make the table particularly suitable for conference and video-conferencing rooms and as a touchdown workspace. The table is also available with innovative options such as the Ahrend PuK wireless smartphone charger.

High-quality finished

The Ahrend 1200 Edition was designed with an eye for detail; the components underneath and inside the table have a high-quality finish. The table top is available in several variants and materials.
Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 34
  • Aluminium frame with Ahrend powder coats
  • Modular principle allows for a variety of configurations
  • Table frame built into the legs
  • The legs are adjustable in the event that the floor is uneven
  • 22mm table tops with various decor finishes
  • Aluminum frame with chrome-plated legs
  • Power sockets incorporated in table top and shielded with a cover
  • Ahrend PuK wireless smartphone charger
  • Luceplan CostanzaLighting integrated in the worktop
  • Table top in 12mm Ciranol
  • Round: diameter 160 and 200 cm
  • Square 160, 200 and 390 cm
  • Rectangular 210x120, 240x120, 270x120, 300x120, 350x120, 410x120, 580x120, 260x200, 340x230, 400x230 cm
  • Boat-shaped: 205 x 130, 240 x 130, 270 x 140, 300 x 140, 350 x 140, 410 x 140, 580 x 140 cm
  • V-shaped: 210 x 140, 270 x 140 cm
  • Fixed height: 74 cm
‘The Ahrend 1200 Edition is an object that sets the mood and places working and conferencing in a new light. The modular principle allows for a variety of configurations.’

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Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 0502
1200, Hesta   landscapexl
Hesta, 1200   headerxl
Royal Ahrend Showroom in Rotterdam 020
Royal Ahrend Showroom in Rotterdam 14
Royal Ahrend Inspiration Center in Amsterdam 0504

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