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    Social zone

    You build your community in the social zone. The atmosphere and interior reflect the identity of your organisation.

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    Digital consultation room

    Colleagues are increasingly working at different locations due to hybrid working. Therefore, digital meetings are the norm.

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    Home office

    The ideal home office differs per employee; a separate office, in the kitchen, living room or bedroom.

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    Open working environment

    Semi-concentrated work, routine work, sharing information informally: all this takes place in an open working environment.

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    Project lab

    If employees work together on a project, it is efficient when they share the same space.

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    Breakout zone

    In addition to formal meetings, spontaneous, unplanned interactions are just as important for employees.

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    Consultation space

    Meetings can take place in more places and in different ways – both physically and virtually, or indeed a combination of both.

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    Quiet space

    For focused work or making a quick (video) call without disturbing colleagues; acoustic boxes are ideal for this.

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    Today's technology and flexible working hours make it increasingly convenient for employees to work wherever they desire.

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