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Office interiors from A to Z

If you are looking for new office furniture for your organisation, or if you want someone who can take the entire office furnishing problem off your hands, from design to realisation, then we’ll always be happy to help

Ahrend is not only an expert in manufacturing desks, office chairs and other office furniture, but we are also experts in  office fit-out . So it’s no surprise that Ahrend was voted the number one Service Provider of the Year in the MT100 in the office equipment category.

Activity Based Working

At Ahrend, we design offices which support ‘Activity Based Working’. Our experts work closely with organisations analysing employee activities in the workplace and providing a working environment that optimises staff productivity. We ensure your employees feel comfortable in their surroundings and encourage them to do the right things, in the right context, in the right place.  By doing this, Ahrend develops offices that will have a significant influence on the productivity of your organisation.

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Your ideal workplace

If you are looking for an ergonomically responsible, comfortable and attractive workplace, we have desks and chairs available that are sustainable, exceed the ergonomic norms and have a timeless design. In addition, a  huge range of colour and material options are available.

'Scrum’ working environment

An increasing number of organisations are working with a ‘Scrum’ approach, which underlines the importance of a flexible working environment. How can Scrum be deployed in a way that is smart, specific and useful? And what does that require from a working environment? 

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Smart working environments

An app that shows which workplaces are free and where your colleagues are sitting. Sensors to measure the occupancy rate. A workplace with individualized climate control. A smart and healthy working environment is perhaps closer than you might have thought.

We are always busy in the Ahrend InnovationLAB working on smart, high-tech solutions that increase the functionality, productivity and personal comfort of your working environment.

Featured projects

From furnishing that fits your corporate identity to optimising the acoustics. From making better use of the square metres that are available to creating a working environment that truly inspires. These are various ways in which we have helped our customers.

If you are interested in how we have helped our customers lay out their offices, take a look at our references.

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Various studies have shown that poor acoustics have a  negative effect on the productivity, health and well-being of staff: Which is why Ahrend takes acoustics in the workplace seriously. We understand the importance of addressing the acoustic challenges  of the building in the very early stages of the design process.

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Interior Architecture & Design

A good interior design is essential to support staff productivity. The Ahrend Interior Architecture & Design team will take total care of your new layout design. Based on your requirements and in line with your corporate identity, they will help you realize a new working environment or revamp an existing one.

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A healthy working environment

A healthy working environment helps the productivity, vitality and well-being of the staff. Organisations that prioritise the health of their staff have employees who are more satisfied and less absenteeism. Ahrend offers appropriate and effective solutions that will help your staff to work in a way that is healthy and ergonomically responsible.

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