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The collection consists of solo, duo, bench and conference tables and enables different ways of working, collaborating and meeting.

Eight types of legs have been developed for the table series. Each with its own unique look. The table tops are available in many sizes, versions and decors.

Mix & match

Upholstered or felt panels can be added to solo, duo and bench tables. They not only provide privacy and more focus, but also improve acoustics.

The legs, table tops and panels can almost all be combined with each other. There are endless possibilities.

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  • Modular
  • Multifunctional
  • Smart, stable construction
  • Solo, duo, bench and conference tables
  • For different ways of working, collaborating and meeting
  • Eight types of legs
  • Several lacquering colours for steel legs
  • Many dimensions, shapes and decors for tabletops
  • Upholstered and felt panels in several dimensions
  • Many fabric choices for upholstered panels
  • Two colours for felt panels
  • Surface-mounted and built-in electrification
  • Cable management
  • Lockable sliding top

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At the solo table, you can work independently for a longer period
of time and stay focused. A colleague can join for a short, informal

The duo table is particularly suitable for focused co-working and
informal meetings for two.

The bench table is ideal for collaborating in teams. This table is
available for four, six or more workstations.

At the conference table, people can come together for (informal)
meetings, brainstorming and collaborating.

By opting for uniform legs, table tops and panels, solo, duo, bench
and conference tables can be perfectly combined in the same

Fount, Well, Recharge 60, Recharge 100   landscapem

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