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Sleek look

The design’s strength is in the elimination of unnecessary details. All tables consist solely of a frame, legs and suspended top. This simple, clever structure provides a sleek look that characterises the collection.  

  • Suspended top
  • Tops fitted with quickfix
  • Height indication on inside of the leg
  • Legs fitted with adjusting feet (10-15 mm)
  • Maximum legroom due to extra-large leg bridges
  • Legs 80x40 mm
  • Fixed height 74.8 cm (incl. 18 mm top)
  • Range of height adjustment: 62 to 88 cm
  • Fixed or adjustable height (knob)
  • Sliding top (lockable in open or closed position)
  • Partitions for duo tables and benches
  • One long or two short cut-outs in the tabletop for mounted power supply, monitor bracket and partition
  • Plenty of power supply options
  • Partition height: 31.5 or 41.5 cm


The collection consists of tables, conference tables, duo workstations and benches. The uniform style means that the different models can easily be combined. All models are available in fixed and adjustable-height versions.

Tabletops are available in many sizes and are therefore suitable for a wide range of spaces. They have ‘quickfix’ fittings, making them quick to assemble and dismantle. Extra-large table leg bridges provide maximum legroom and optimum seating comfort.

Partitions create greater privacy and improve acoustics. They also help you to focus. They can be attached to duo workstations and benches.

There is plenty of choice of power supply options for a tidy, safe workstation.

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This multifunctional table has space for every activity.  For working (together), meeting and consulting.  The positioning of the legs means the table has plenty of space, enabling several people to sit comfortably.


The duo workstation is ideal for working together for short periods. Without a partition, you can consult and brainstorm. Fit a partition for greater focus.

The workstation can be fitted with mounted or built-in power sources, making it easy to use and charge all your devices.

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This sleek bench is the ideal landing spot for working together for short periods. The bench can be set up in a modular way for 4 or 6 persons.

There is plenty of space for mounted or built-in power sources in and beneath the tabletop. Monitor brackets can easily be fitted to the top. Partitions provide the necessary privacy.

‘The Ahrend Portal collection is a modular concept, which increases circularity.’

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