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Ahrend Assist is an upholstered, lightweight pouffe that is ideal for a brief sit-down, joining a colleague at their desk or resting one’s feet on. It is a friendly, accessible pouffe that complements the furniture in residential, work and waiting spaces.  


The Ahrend Assist is available in 5 different sizes, varying from a small, round pouffe to a rectangular 82 x 42 cm model. The rectangular and square models are on feet. The round pouffes have castors. They are finished with high-quality foam for a comfortable seat.

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  • The round pouffes can be rolled on castors
  • The square and rectangular pouffes have fixed legs
  • Seat height for all models: 49 cm
  • A range of upholstery options: from soft, warm fabrics to fabrics for care and education settings
  • Round: 47 or 54 cm diameter
  • Square: 42x42 or 60x60 cm
  • Rectangular: 82x42 cm
‘Create a flexible environment with this stable, lightweight pouffe.’

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