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Sit down and Recharge

Step away from the crowds around you. Do you want to recharge yourself, but also your mobile device? The Ahrend Recharge Collection has an optional built-in wireless charger. This way you choose where you want to work or charge. For a vital environment where the focus is on people.

An energising design

A playful, but simple design that brings every space to life. Go for one of the stylish ton-sur-ton colour combinations, the bottom half of the Recharge is upholstered in the dark shade, the upper half is upholstered in the light shade. An intuitive design that invites to sit.
Pyramid, Well Armchair, Recharge 45, Recharge 100, Recharge 165, Result, Engage   landscapexl
  • Comfortable seating elements that fit into any space, from a lobby to a workplace
  • Upholstered in a ton-sur-ton colour combination
  • Fabrics from Kvadrat and Camira
  • Timeless and sleek design, according to the design tradition of Ahrend
  • Wireless chargers can be added in the Recharge 100 and Recharge 165
  • Comfortable backrest in the Recharge 165

Mix & match

Which size do you choose? With three different sizes, the family of elements fits in every space. Larger elements fit perfectly in a lobby or reception area. The small poufs can be used at a workplace for a short meeting. All combinations are possible!

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