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Surrounded by comfort

The iconic round design of the Kaigan contrasts stylishly with the often cubist shapes in an office environment. The total support and double upholstery promote comfortable seating. Bring corporate identity into your personal design by choosing the fabric, colour and design that suits your organisation.

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  • Durable metal frame
  • Fully upholstered inside and outside
  • Upholstered with a sound-absorbing lining
  • On synethetic(carpet) gliders
  • Two variants, a normal and an XL format
  • Wide range of different fabrics
  • Fabric the same inside and outside or two different types of fabric

Acoustics & Privacy

The round shape and soft materials, mean the Kaigan gives you the privacy you need. The chair invites you to enjoy a moment of peace. Together or in solitary. Slide two Kaigans side by side for a small meeting place. The double upholstery and sound-absorbing lining means the Kaigan absorbs sound both inside and outside. The ideal private meeting chair.

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